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History is led by Mrs Priestman, who has had a deep passion for history from an early age. She studied Modern History at A Level and has used this to help develop our History curriculum at All Saints. Whilst leading History, Mrs Priestman has enlisted the help of her Key Stage 2 Humanities Ambassadors, who represent the student voice across our school, and also organise key events that celebrate both local and international history.




Statement of Intent, Implementation and Impact



Our aim is for all children at All Saints to develop a deep love of History. We strive to engage our children in learning about the past, how it has shaped our present and its impact on our future. We hope to provide children with the knowledge and understanding they need to successfully evaluate the significance of past events.  In line with our Biblical Root - 'We Are God's Handiwork', our primary aim is that we can learn from the historical lives of others and significant events to help shape our own lives and build better futures by being stewards of the past.



We promote passion for History by delivering a range of rich, well-planned historical learning experiences to provide stimulating, real-life contexts for our children. We create opportunities for our pupils to use their own understanding of our world to meaningfully acknowledge the impact of the past. We establish the chronology of significant historical moments (both nationally and around the world) to create a virtual roadmap for children to use when sequencing events of the past. We host themed whole-school history events that immerse children into various historical concepts and link topics progressively across year groups.



Our children are passionate historical learners who enjoy understanding more about the past. They are able to successfully sequence significant moments within our country’s history and can establish clear links between ‘then’ and ‘now’. Our children are enthusiastic to work collaboratively as a whole school and can create a fuller picture, as a team, through research and feedback assemblies. Our children love to use their knowledge of historical concepts to support their local area, having celebrated our 150th Anniversary with a variety of visitors from the local community.



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