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Music Statement of Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact:


At All Saints we aim to enable out children to use the universal language of music within a high quality musical education that promotes the love of music and use of talent in a variety of contexts. Children are taught through a combination of practical and theoretical activities which build upon cumulative learning and a progression of skills within our bespoke music curriculum.  Children are taught to use the language of music in context (called the Elements of Music) are have opportunities to appraise and listen to a wide range of music across several genres, cultures and traditions. Our children also use tuned percussion instruments to learn how to read music in a practical context. Children also have opportunities to learn the guitar with an experienced and enthusiastic tutor.



At All Saints we want our children to feel confident to express their musicality by following the National Curriculum Programme of Study which informs our use of the ‘Charanga’ music scheme from the Lancashire School Music Service and our own bespoke singing and performance curriculum.  Learning to play the ocarina is also offered to a cohort for a year.  Cross-curriculuar links are made wherever possible with the rest of the curriculum, for example through Worship.  Children are assessed in their accuracy of lyrical performance and performance techniques as well as in their musical language choices based on the elements of music.  This assessment informs the next stage of planning for each year group. 


We aim for all children to reach their full potential through our music curriculum and that seeds sown in primary school will lead to children using music as fulfilment socially, spiritually and emotionally as they grow into adulthood.  We want our children to develop their own musical identity whilst capitalising on the human need to be part of something. 

Children at All Saints love to sing and create music, and in doing so gain musical skills that they can apply through further education and into adulthood. We love to sing and perform to a high standard at regular venues throughout the school year including Infant Nativities, Junior Carol Concerts, Christmas singing for the turning on of the Christmas lights, singing at the Christmas Fair, the Spring Concert at HBCC, the Arts Festival at Tarleton Academy and in various year-group plays, such as leavers' and Easter plays. 


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