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What Our Children Say

Year 1

"PE is amazing"  

"We learn new things - sometimes about robots"

"I like the teachers"

Year 2

"I like school because I have my friends with me"

"I like the school values and rules because they keep us safe"

"I like school because we have toys on the playground"

Year 3

"Our school is good because we get to learn outside"

"I love our school because it is warm and welcoming"

"Our school dinners are great"

Year 4

"At the end of the school day, I feel excited for the next day"

"Whenever visitors come, we make them feel welcome"

"Everyday we learn something new"

Year 5

"We get to be voted onto School Council and run the school like a Democracy"

"The school is a really friendly place and we do exciting Science experiments"

"We all get the chance to show off our talents like in the school production of Beauty and the Beast where I played Cogsworth."

Year 6

"I like this school because I get all the education I need"

"I like this school because it welcomes you and you never feel alone"

"We have fun at school"