Year Group Expectations

Year Group Expectations

EYFS Early Learning Goals for the end of the Reception Class Year.

HwB All Saints Parents' Guide to the EYFS

HwB All Saints EYFS ELG Exemplification

The National Curriculum for children in the Primary Phase (Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2) sets expectations of attainment for all children. These are broken down into Year Group Expectations at our school, please click on the links below to see the YGE (Year Group Expectations) for each year group.

English: Reading English: Writing Mathematics Science
Year 1 Reading YGE Year 1 Writing YGE Year 1 Maths YGE Year 1 Science YGE
Year 2 Reading YGE Year 2 Writing YGE Year 2 Maths YGE Year 2 Science YGE
Year 3 Reading YGE Year 3 Writing YGE Year 3 Maths YGE Year 3 Science YGE
Year 4 Reading YGE Year 4 Writing YGE Year 4 Maths YGE Year 4 Science YGE
Year 5 Reading YGE Year 5 Writing YGE Year 5 Maths YGE Year 5 Science YGE
Year 6 Reading YGE Year 6 Writing YGE Year 6 Maths YGE Year 6 Science YGE
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